You play as Hermes, an infamous magical artifact hunter who is attempting to sneak into heaven and steal God's treasure. Make your way through dangerous puzzles and various terrains as you face the obstacles guarding the vault. Can you live up to your namesake, the god of thieves, or will your greed be your ultimate downfall? 


Control Primary Secondary
Move WASD Arrow Keys
Jump Space
Sprint Left Shift
Pause Esc
PickupLeft Click

Meet the Team

Thomas Lao - Producer, Programmer

Koshi Hyunh - Programmer

Ryan Kwong - Lead Programmer

Alexis Leinhard - Artist

Vincent Lim - Artist

Github Source Code:


Download 46 MB
Download 37 MB


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I enjoyed playing through all the challenges and beating game. This game has some interesting puzzles.

Awesome platformer and tons of interesting levels.